E N S O L   S Y S T E M S

We provide a specialized and all-in-one approach to help our industry partners and clients as they shift towards more environmentally-friendly practices and reduce their carbon footprint.



Customizable Trailers

Ensol builds fully integrated mobile towers to create reliable communications networks for the most remote and rugged industrial applications.


integrated fuel cell systems

Ensol integrates solar and fuel cells to into turnkey industrial packages to provide long lasting, reliable, clean power for industrial applications.


Remote Drone Systems

The Remote Drone System brings together best-in-class technology to offer a complete system that can be deployed for months, even years at a time.


hipps system

Developed in a partnership between Solaris and Ensol, the HIPPS system has the potential to reduce or even eliminate flaring and venting resulting in significant reduction of costs and emissions, when used in place of traditional pressure relief equipment.


Emi + Unity Systems

Unity is a secure cloud hosted dashboard that can be customized for virtually any application which includes a hardened field data logger and many more features.


Partner Technologies

Looking to improve safety and security, reduce emissions, or improve operational efficiency? We search the world for best-in-class technologies and help our clients integrate them into their operations to create real lasting value.


With our vast expertise in fabricating, manufacturing and electrical design, we continually develop innovative solutions of the highest caliber that are considerate of the environment.

Our team looks forward to developing a custom solution for your specific needs.


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