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integrated power systems

Ensol Systems specializes in crafting fully customizable Integrated Power Systems harnessing cutting-edge solar, wind, and fuel cell technology.


efficiency meets innovation

These self-sustaining systems offer comprehensive solutions for your remote power, communication, security, and technological requirements. Seamlessly integrating with new or existing sites, they ensure extended autonomous operation while prioritizing environmental sustainability with zero harmful emissions.

Complete Sustainable Solutions

Fuel cells are 2-5x more efficient than ICE gensets, and up to 10x more efficient than TEGs resulting in long autonomy, reduced fuel usage and reduced emissions. Hydrogen options are in development.

Evaluated and inspected according to CSA SPE-1000 standard

Arctic ready. Rated for -40°C weather

Made in Canada


Sunfire remote 400

Ensol Systems is a proud integrator and exclusive North American distributor of Sunfire Solid Oxide Fuel Cells which convert propane or natural gas into electricity with byproducts of heat, water and a small amount of CO2 – over 90% less than a generator.

efoy pro 2800

We are also a proud integrator of EFOY Pro Direct Methanol Fuel Cells (DMFCs). These fuel cells are intelligent power generators that can be used to continuously and fully automatically recharge batteries. Paired with solar and/or wind power, these fuel cells are an excellent solution for off-grid applications.


  • Cathodic protection, valve automation
  • Remote communications networks
  • Remote sensors, cameras, access control
  • Emergency Response Support


Let us to develop a tailored solution specifically designed to meet your unique requirements.

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