E N S O L   S Y S T E M S

Remote Drone Systems

DEX02 is the latest in autonomous drone systems, the result of merging cutting-edge technology with automation.



Energy powerhouse

Powered by solar/fuel cell technology and utilizing precision landing and wireless recharging, this system is a force multiplier for field drone operations.

dynamic function

A cutting-edge partnership between Ensol Systems and Chartis Remote Sensing Solutions, bringing together best in class technology in solar & fuel cell power, wireless UAV charging, edge computing, precision landing systems, and remote wireless communications.

seamless portability

Crafted for seamless and efficient mobile deployment, our solution delivers secure access control for diverse settings with exceptional convenience and reliability.


Multiple systems can be combined in a daisy chain or mesh configuration allowing drones to land and recharge at multiple sites expanding exponentially the area of operation.


The drone is fully customizable with different sensor packages to meet the specific application needs.

Gas monitoring

Thermal imaging

Perimeter and right of way security monitoring

Ensol Systems Drone

Volumetric measurement

Leak detection

Digital twin creation and updating


Let us to develop a tailored solution specifically designed to meet your unique requirements.

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